Tree of Death

Tree of Death

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In “Tree Of Death,” I have explored the chilling and mysterious realm of a dark forest, where the boundaries between the natural and supernatural blur. A lone traveler, dressed in a fedora and overcoat, symbolizing a time long past, holds an old-fashioned lamp that provides a faint glow in the otherwise shadowy night. He has come upon a ledge, and from the foggy depths below, a massive tree golem has risen, towering ominously above.

The golem takes center stage, its head silhouetted against the glowing moon, its eyes and mouth gleaming a sinister red. Its body, illuminated only by the traveler’s lamp, reveals a horrifying secret: souls it has claimed are grafted to its bark, their faces twisted in agony, entangled by the roots. The surrounding forest, with its old and dying trees, sets a gloomy backdrop, while drifting clouds add an extra layer of eeriness.

“Tree Of Death” is more than a visual experience; it’s a narrative that encapsulates fear, curiosity, and the unknown. It invites the viewer to step into the world of the traveler and confront the spectral horrors that may lurk just beyond our sight.

© 2023 Adam Miconi