Alien Planet Concept Art

Alien Planet Concept Art

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I always love rummaging through my old files and coming upon old concept art that I’ve pretty much forgotten about and this time I found an alien planet concept art piece.

Awhile back there was a band that was looking for some concept art. I didn’t deal with them directly but the request was passed over to me. This was really early on in my art career and it was one that I took pro bono, and of course, those types of jobs never really pan out the way they are intended to. I don’t even remember the name of the band for this, unfortunately, but I created a few space nebula concept art pieces as well as this alien planet concept art piece. Though not a single piece I created was used, I do recall a lot of these being great for learning and I learned a lot on this piece.

The Alien Planet Concept Art Design

For the design, I recall them having asked for an otherworldly feel along with a few other planets in the background and one of them being exceptionally large. The other part of the directions was that it would be a dusty planet with possibly some rocky structures. I decided to make the structures point inward so it kept the users view in the composition and then the actor would be green-screened into the center as they were singing. Since I didn’t work directly with the band, I’m not sure what they ended with on this one but I do know this piece wasn’t included in the final production.

I feel I’ve come far in my career and if you are serious about working on a design with me, contact me and we can talk about your project.

Here is the final design.

Alien Planet Concept Art by Adam Miconi

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