Inktober 2017. 31 Days, 31 Drawings.

Inktober 2017. 31 Days, 31 Drawings.

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Inktober 2017 Official Prompt List

That time of the year is once again upon us. You know, that month where we crank on full power, every day, for an entire month. That’s right, Inktober 2017 is here!

What is Inktober?

The concept is simple, the execution is brutal. Inktober is an event started by Jake Parker that happens every year over the month of October. Each Inktober, the participating artists try to draw 31 images in 31 days. It sounds simple but it’s quite difficult.

There are no standards you have to meet, no requirements or prerequisites to join. There are no entry fees, not judges or anything like that. It’s a community driven event that trends primarily on Instagram under the hashtag, #inktober and #inktober2017. That’s it, you put that tag along with your image and you have joined in the event. Though it’s fine to do only a couple images or what time permits, but the real challenge to yourself would be trying to complete the entire event.

Ink Drawings Following The Inktober 2017 Prompt List

As of this post, we are now on day 10 (update: day 21) of this years Inktober. I’ve been following the prompt list this year to help encourage me along with the busy schedule but even then it can still be fairly difficult to come up with an idea for the corresponding list item. As I continue working on my drawings, I will periodically revisit this post and continue to update it. If you want to see one of my images just leave me a comment and I’ll jump back into this post and update my image list for you.

Day 1 | Theme: Swift

Inktober Day 1 Theme Swift by Adam Miconi

Day 2 | Theme: Divided

Inktober Day 2 Theme Divided by Adam Miconi

Day 3 | Theme: Poison

Inktober Day 3 Theme Poison by Adam Miconi

Day 4 | Theme: Underwater

Inktober Day 4 Theme Underwater by Adam Miconi

Day 5 | Theme: Long

Inktober Day 5 Theme Long by Adam Miconi

Day 6 | Theme: Sword

Inktober Day 6 Theme Sword by Adam Miconi

Day 7 | Theme: Shy

Inktober Day 7 Theme Shy by Adam Miconi

Day 8 | Theme: Crooked

Inktober Day 8 Theme Crooked by Adam Miconi

Day 9 | Theme: Screech

Inktober Day 9 Theme Screech by Adam Miconi

Day 10 | Theme: Gigantic

Inktober Day 10 Theme Gigantic by Adam Miconi

Day 11 | Theme: Run

Inktober Day 11 Theme Run by Adam Miconi

Day 12 | Theme: Shattered

Inktober Day 12 Theme Shattered by Adam Miconi

Day 13 | Theme: Teeming

Inktober Day 13 Theme Teeming by Adam Miconi

Day 14 | Theme: Fierce

Inktober Day 14 Theme Fierce by Adam Miconi

Day 15 | Theme: Mysterious

Inktober Day 15 Theme Mysteriou by Adam Miconi

Day 16 | Theme: Fat

Inktober Day 16 Theme Fat by Adam Miconi

Day 17 | Theme: Graceful

Inktober Day 17 Theme Graceful by Adam Miconi

Day 18 | Theme: Filthy

Inktober Day 18 Theme Filthy by Adam Miconi

Day 19 | Theme: Cloud

Inktober Day 19 Theme Cloud by Adam Miconi

Day 20 | Theme: Deep

Inktober Day 20 Theme Deep by Adam Miconi

Day 21 | Theme: Furious

Inktober Day 21 Theme Furious by Adam Miconi

Day 22 | Theme: Trail

Inktober Day 22 Theme Trail by Adam Miconi

Day 23 | Theme: Juicy

Inktober Day 23 Theme Juicy by Adam Miconi

Day 24 | Theme: Blind

Inktober Day 24 Theme Blind by Adam Miconi

Day 25 | Theme: Ship

Inktober Day 25 Theme Ship by Adam Miconi

Day 26 | Theme: Squeek

Inktober Day 26 Theme Squee by Adam Miconik

Day 27 | Theme: Climb

Inktober Day 27 Theme Climb by Adam Miconi

Day 28 | Theme: Fall

Inktober Day 28 Theme Fall by Adam Miconi

Day 29 | Theme: United

Inktober Day 29 Theme United by Adam Miconi

Day 30 | Theme: Found

Inktober Day 30 Theme Found by Adam Miconi

Day 31 | Theme: Mask

Inktober Day 31 Theme Mask by Adam Miconi

UPDATE: We’re done!!!

It’s been a long and difficult road but we made it. I’ve seen some amazing artwork this month, met some great new people, and I’ve enjoyed it all. Though I’m glad it’s over since it is stressful and difficult, it’s been worth it and I’m happy with the drawings that have turned up from it all! Thanks to everyone who joined me in this years Inktober event!

So here is my list of drawings, what about you, have you ever participated in Inktober? If so, leave you info in the comments below and let’s share in the love of art. I’d love to see what everyone has been coming up with during the exciting, yet difficult event.

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