Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

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When going through some older files, I found this Siege of Inaolia concept art I did for them for the Flesh Pits map. Though I never had a chance to actually try the map myself, the last I saw on it before I left the project was another artist was modeling out the skull and hand wrapped around it. You can read more about Siege of Inaolia on the Steam channel located here.

Thumbnails for Siege of Inaolia

Every design I start begins with a thumbnail. If the design can’t hold up in a thumbnail, it can’t hold up in a larger design. As you can see from these four thumbnails, the top right one holds the strongest with the top left one in second place. I really liked the direction of the bottom left, but there is too much negative space in the corner, plus, I just really like symmetrical designs.

Siege of Inaolia Thumbnails

Now since I just found these files old files archived away on an older drive, I don’t have the work in progress layers as I had hoped, it was just a very large flattened PSD, why? I guess I just like to take up hard drive space, for now, reason, I suppose. After looking at it, I felt it had some good potential to it, aside from the weird tongue monsters coming up the sides. I guess at the time they had some meaning, I’d definitely design them differently now. I wanted to give a very quick edit a try.

Siege of Inaolia Concept Art

I reopened the file in Photoshop and since it was already flat and I just wanted to experiment instead of doing a full paint-over (which might be fun, but unnecessary) I just wanted to quickly make some color adjustments and play with the levels an curves a bit. For just tinkering, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I do feel it’s a bit more haunting feeling an has a bit more life to it.

I was happy to see the Siege of Inaolia received its greenlight on Steam and continued into production and that I got to be a part of an indie game that actually launched, I do with at that time I was offered more work to put into it, but alas, at that time I had a lot of little ones running around that took much of my time. How time has flown by!

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