The fall of CGHub. An updated post.

The fall of CGHub. An updated post.

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This is an update to my previous post: The fall of CGHub and the rise of DrawCrowd.

When that post was written, I had my suspicions that something strange was up with CGHub and their sudden onset subscription plan. That really pissed a lot of people off, but for the most part, CGHub just continued to do its rounds and continue its cycle. After all, it’s one of the world’s biggest art websites. Not anymore.

The other day I went to get my daily dose of CGHub and I suddenly get redirected to Well, a CG hug doesn’t make me feel happy when the site I was going to suddenly seemed to vanish. What about my shortcut to the forums? Perhaps it’s maintenance and their forums are on a different server? Nope, gone too. It’s okay, I’ll head on over to their Facebook page to get an ETA of the updates. Gone?


That’s right, overnight CGHub vanished out of existence. No warning, no notification of buyout, no chance to gather our precious contacts, files, or trade emails with our CGHub friends. It’s just gone. Shortly later we find out that CGHub has been shut down “due to personal reasons,” but those remain undisclosed. Okay, they are personal, I can understand that, but how can personal reasons shut down a megasite like CGHub? What about all the employees, did they get kicked out into the cold also? I mean, we all have “personal” things tied to CGHub, couldn’t we at least have had a CGHub will close in one week, or at least something like that?

It’s so unfortunate that they just go MIA suddenly with no warning and no reason. Very unprofessional if you ask me, but it is what it is.

Have you heard any additional news? Where will you be going to get your daily dose now? Add it in the comments below and feel free to link your website.

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