Venom Gingerbread Man Cardboard Painting

Venom Gingerbread Man Cardboard Painting

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I never got around to posting about this back in December but I made a Venom gingerbread man cardboard painting with my family and would like to write about it here. I can’t take the credit on the idea for the gingerbread men, that was my wife’s idea since we hadn’t done something like this before and we she felt it would be fun to do a family paint night. Though my original plan was for something simple, this project got a bit out of control and next thing I know, I was putting hours into meticulously painting saliva and stretching symbiote.

A couple weeks before Christmas, I came downstairs and there were a few cardboard boxes on my living room floor. My wife had made some cardboard gingerbread men for fun Christmas decorations years ago but they were getting a bit banged up and torn from the years of use and storage. She wanted to make new ones and felt it would be fun to get the family involved so we started by outlining the current gingerbread men onto the new cardboard boxes after we had torn them down and laid them flat.

Getting started on the Venom gingerbread man cardboard painting

Everyone started their paintings immediately. Of course, I have to take the long router and I start sketching my ideas onto what would later become my Venom gingerbread man cardboard cutout. As everyone is starting to finish up their ideas, I’m just barely finishing the Venom sketch. Venom is one of my favorite characters from Marvel since I like the dark torturous look of him. I do of course like Spiderman and it was a tossup as to whether I should paint Spiderman or Venom, but ultimately, I felt Venom would be fun to do. Perhaps I’ll paint Spiderman this coming Christmas.

Once my sketching was done, I began painting it. Later had I realized that I should have taken pictures of the drawing, but as art goes, if you miss it you miss it. I laid down my masses of paint and then went back and started adding the shadows and highlights later on. When I got to the tongue, I knew I wanted saliva dripping off of it but I didn’t want to spend a ton of time using the paint for it so I decided to change it up to a mixed medium. I pulled out my white colored pencils and just drew the spit on the tongue which allowed me to speed up the process dramatically. Overall, I would say the painting stage took me about 6 hours to complete.

Venom Gingerbread Man Tongue by Adam Miconi

The rest of the gingerbread man cardboard painting family

As I mentioned, this was a group effort and we all made a gingerbread man. When they were complete we laid them all back down on the floor and took a picture of them. Thought I posted all of these on Instagram, here they all are. We have Meg Griffin, Pyramid Head (The Red Pyramid), Deadpool, and then just a few other fun versions which don’t character specific.

Gingerbread Man Cardboard Painting

Venom Gingerbread Man Painting by Adam Miconi

Sum it all up

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post about the gingerbread man cardboard painting, perhaps you’ll give this idea a try for your own homemade decorations for your home. If you liked this post you are welcome to comment and share. If you would like to see the rest of my portfolio, check it out here!.

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